310 W Smith St, Benton, IL • 618-218-5237

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Landlord is the owner of certain property at the above address. Landlord by this agreement hereby rents to Tenant the above numbered unit at the above location for the indicated rental upon the following terms and conditions:

1. The legal relationship between the Tenant and Landlord is that of a tenant and landlord and not that of bailor and bailee.

2. Tenant agrees that Landlord has no liability whatsoever for or on account of any injury to any property of Tenant or to Tenant at any time or for or on account of the destruction of any property at any time in said unit. Tenant’s use of the unit shall be solely at Tenant’s risk. Tenant agrees to purchase and carry such insurance as he or she desires for the property stored in the unit.

3. Landlord acknowledges the payment of one month’s rent in advance. Rent in the same amount must be paid by the 1st day of each succeeding month. Tenant’s failure to pay the rental by the 5th day of the month shall cause a $10.00 late charge to be added to the rental due. Failure to pay in succeeding months by the 5th day of the month shall cause the late fee to increase in $20.00 increments in each succeeding month. ($30.00 - 2nd month; $50.00 - 3rd month; $70.00 - 4th month, and so on until paid in full)

4. If the Tenant fails to pay by the 10th day of the month, then Landlord may place an additional lock or locks at Tenant’s cost on the unit until such time as all sums owed are paid in full. Tenant waives any and all claims for damages by reason of Landlord’s action in placing additional locks on the unit and denying Tenant access to said unit.

5. This agreement is made subject to the Self-Service Storage Facility Act (770 ILCS 95/1, et seq.) with all the rights and duties of the respective parties set forth therein. Tenant warrants that all goods and personal property to be placed by Tenant in the unit hereby rented by Tenant, shall be Tenant’s own property and be subject to all liens and sale by the Landlord unless so listed by Tenant on the reverse side of both copies of this agreement. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless and indemnified in the event property is sold which belongs to a party other than Tenant and not so indicated on the reverse side of both copies of this agreement.